Getting Started

Do you own a nail salon but have no idea what to do?

Thousands of nail techs want to make the big bucks. It’s a fact that you will never make enough income to bring in to survive as a technician. The ones that do make it, work hard and open up their own business. If you’re a “worker” your whole life you know how to work the game. You know how to make the clients feel happy and just need someone to guide them.

I’m NOT going to teach you how to do nails

There’s classes for that and you can attend them. In this blog I’m not going to tell you how to do the physical grunt work. I want YOU to learn how to be your own boss. I will teach you how to make income and build your client-base.

“Do not think like a worker, TODAY you’re going to be a boss. “

Are you a current salon owner but struggling to pay bills?

Why are you in this situation? Everything you done so far is probably working but needs a boost. But you already went ahead and did the biggest step of your life.

One day YOU decided to quit your job and open up shop.

This takes a lot of courage to do and I already gave you props. Marketing may not be your best skills and we will help you fix this. There’s answer to everything you do but you need to have an open mind. The little things you do daily may be discouraging your customers from coming back. Guess what? You don’t even know.

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.
-Dwayne Johnson

Our Journey Starts here:

One day we ..well actually my fiancee had this crazy idea to open up a nail salon. She’s been doing it for 10 years but her problem was she didn’t know how to properly run the businesses. On the other-hand, I had the knowledge to do everything from operations to marketing to sweeping the floors, I got us covered.

This is what happens when we sacrificed our day for a better tomorrow. I accepted a lot of small day jobs because I wanted to learn. I needed to figure out how to run a business. I took notes and got into good and BAD situations but managed to get myself out of it.

Nail Shop Guy was born right after!

This is what I can assist with:

How to get a Nail Salon Business License in California 

How to use yelp to increase your salon business

Creating a good client experience

5 Tips on Choosing the ideal nail shop location

Dealing with large group pedicures and manicures

Networking with your salon vendors and business owners 

Preventing Customer “No Shows”

Why your 5 star yelp reviews can go against you

How to set up your Google Business Page 

..And many more! See the Blog